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Mocha coffee birthplace, from Yemen.

Israel stay report Mocha coffee birthplace, from Yemen. The story of origin [Mocha] the land that the coffee was born Yemen is located in the most southern part of the Middle East. It might not much in the image, in fact, I'm Yemen also coffee producing countries. The name of the coffee that is familiar [Mocha] in Japan. Its name is actually which was born in Yemen, It comes from the name of the port of [Mocha harbor] of Yemen, which has been shipping the coffee. Nowadays, or used to describe the coffee of flavor, what a mix of espresso and chocolate or call the [Cafe Mocha], but is being used in a variety of situations [Mocha], originally locality name It it was a name that indicates! In addition, the coffee came to be drunk as luxury goods, the Yemen of Muslims have been said to be the beginning that drank in order to choice and stay up late at night, hundreds of years in Yemen of the coffee industry There is a history. In fact, the coffee industry is next to the oil industry, it has become bracts of important export items of Yemen.
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