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Women's Empowerment: high levels of education and low labor force ...

Israel stay report High levels of education and low labor force participation rate: ILO and IFAD to challenge the paradoxical situation of women, et al MENA region Medium High-level panel to discuss what is effective whether the employment of women ILO is now, in cooperation with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), has been looking for effective rural labor market strategy that targets women and young people, is promoting the accumulation of evidence, such as [what is to function] you. As part of this [Takimu (meaning of the [evaluation] in Arabic) Initiative], ILO is using a regional fund of IFAD on the monitoring and evaluation of gender differences in the near northeast Africa, the labor in Jordan's capital Amman to 0 years-Sun I was offered an administrative course to evaluate the market plan.
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