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Israel was a poor country of water, now rich country of water

Israel stay report Israel was a poor country of water, now a rich country of water Here is the South 0 miles of Tel Aviv (Yakuchu: about kilometers). The authors are now standing in the work corridor overlooking the two concrete water storage field is about the size of a football field. And we are witnessing a scene that water is poured into the water storage field from a huge pipe emerging from the sand. The tube is quite large, from the coast miles: although the (Yakuchu. About kilometers) is filled with the Mediterranean sea water sucked up from a remote inlet, if there is no sea water, it is about the size of the diameter of which is able to walk straight standing . [That is the pump! ] Edobajibu is, shout so that it is not drowned out in the incessant motor sound. Unfeigned awe that boil up to the scenery that unfolds before the eyes. The water storage field of the authors of the feet have been laid the sand a few feet in thickness. Seawater is filtered by passing through the sand layer. Then, it carried a huge facility that contains the water purification equipment.
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