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Geography / West Asia

Israel stay report West Asia Geography and climate The West Asia, east Afghanistan, the Arabian Peninsula, the north-west is a region of up to Turkey. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, etc., are by West Asia. West Asia of climate is most of the local dry climate. In exceptional cases, coastal areas and Israel of Turkey, in order to cotton to the Mediterranean Sea, a Mediterranean climate, is a light rain in the summer. As a major river in the region, there is a Tigris River and the Euphrates River. Religion and language West Asia of religion, there are many countries where Islam is faith. However, Judaism is faith in Israel. Israel, close to the culture, such as the European State. In Islam, there sects month, there is a Sunni and Shia. Although Sunnis are the majority, Muslims of Iran is a Shiite. In Turkey are faith is Islam. In Iraq and Turkey, there are minority ethnic Kurds. Iraq is also a region of around the cradle of the Mesopotamian civilization is an ancient civilization.
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