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West Asia History (start of farming)

Israel stay report The start of the West Asia History farming of this chronology Before Jarumo morning in 000 years Mesopotamia start a farming and settlement. Start of irrigated agriculture in the previous 000 years Mesopotamia. Farming is also started in Egypt. Before 00 years Mesopotamian Uruk morning, start using the character. In addition, forming a city. Use of copperware. The birth of the Old Kingdom in the previous 0 years Egypt. The previous year, the construction of a step pyramid. This time before 00 years, Assyria is founded in northern Iraq. Sargon of Akkad last year is, unified Mesopotamia conquered the Sumerian-based nations. Destruction of the previous 2.0 years Akkadian kingdom. Last year ur King Ur-Nammu is, reunification Mesopotamia. Perform a compilation of the Code. Before 00 years Menchuhetepu world is, re-unified Egypt, which has been split for the past 00 years. Middle Kingdom. Last year Amorites the founding of Babylon first dynasty (Banironia). Hanburabi king ascended the throne in the previous year Babylonian.
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