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Middle East policy and the Japanese-style possibility of ...

Israel stay report Japan's Middle East policy and the Japanese-style possibility of international cooperation - in light of the Palestinian support of experience - . Unstable situation in the Middle East Middle East is always unstable region from the viewpoint of geopolitics, is followed by a chain of conflicts from time to time of the power balance of speculation and in the area of ​​powers. In recent years, as to which is a big factor that signs became prominent again, the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the Arab Spring and touted the Middle East democratization confusion after exercise, Syria problems and ISIS, Iran nuclear issue, the Kurdish problem, etc. it will be able to raise. Here I want to mention the dove. First of all it can be said with the Israeli Palestinian conflict, but it is the struggle over the land, the responsibility that was complicating the problem is the international community was a treasonous manner unfair involvement how committed. The responsibility of the international community 00 million people more than the Jews under the Nazi regime had overlooked that it is genocide.
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